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Maria Athar, The Founder Preloved Designers

Meet the owner and founder of Preloved Designers, Maria Athar. Maria is a fashion ex-tea-mist, tea runs through her veins and she bleeds high fashion. A mother of three, she is a brainy beauty full of passion for fashion and the ability to transform her passion into a beloved profession. Her husband is the pivotal inspiration who led to a late night epiphany which resulted in Preloved Designers, not mentioning his contribution can mean risking funds for the lady! She is here not only to encourage women to resell their cherished designer products but reuse or recycle as much and even give out more for charity. She has a newly found attraction for vlogging so you will be seeing more of her dishing out some cool advice and hacks about how to use your old designer accessories and garments without having them look like a rude-repeatAn optimist to the core, Maria values honesty and lying to her is a felony, better expect indictment! That’s one reason you will have unapologetically authentic and high quality designer products on this website, because fakes repel her more vehemently than karelas (bitter guard) repel your kids! She wants to be known as a total fun and ‘easy-going’ but fastidious woman entrepreneur and insists on being a harmless kind. She has managed to enslave a few good people to the service of Preloved Designers, and each time they pop up with new ideas makes her puff up with pride! Not giving free info on Maria just because she is the face of Preloved Designers but because following her social media presence can actually make you win some incredible Give-Aways! Connect with her on FB and Instagram and make our efforts reach the culmination we expect.


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