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The RuleBook!

Preloved Designers is a fun filled disciplined community dedicated to provide you best services. We live by some rules, since you are a part of the PD community, let’s make it an involvement worth your time and money… both are precious to us!

Please go through these important key notes for all and sundry.

The Musts!

  • We take a 20% commission on each order placed through Preloved Designers.
  • Shipping takes 2-4 weeks. You can track an order through your user profile. We are working to make shipping duration shorter, until then please bear… every deal at PD is worth waiting a little longer!
  • Shipping cost is anywhere between Rs 300-500 divided between buyer and seller for a package of 1 kg.


  • Take pictures in daylight, or adequate artificial light against a plain background.
  • Show the natural shape of the item. Hang shirts, dresses and qameez on a doorframe. Please make sure the garment is not wrinkled.
  • Show your item from different angles and perspectives focusing on any and all special features or details like embellishments, kaam, colorful linings etc.

For The Sellers–

  • Every item on PD should be clean, in decent condition and suitable for resale. Our experts will decide if your products can be accepted for sale.
  • The size and measurement for every item need to be accurate, so no confusions or bitter experiences haunt PD ever!
  • Determine the price according to the condition of the items. You can also ask for price suggestions from the PD people.
  • Please do mention any faults or defects and add an accurate description of the items’ condition. If any misinformation revealed even after the reselling of the item, seller will have to pay the penalty! PD reserves the right to delete the post, or remove the item from sale.
  • No fakes/ duplicates can be placed under Preloved Designer sale. Your post will be immediately deleted if your item is detected to be a fake/ duplicate.
  • Seller will receive the revenue once the order is received by the buyer. The duration of transacting the revenue is 2-4 weeks, as per shipping.

Be aware that the buyers on Preloved Designers are smart and well aware. The condition of your items and the truth of your description is directly connected with the face of our brand.

For the Buyer-

  • If you are unsure about the size or measurements of any given item, you can directly ask your question from the seller via comment option on the item’s detail page.
  • We will return a sold item with no questions asked if the buyer shows any picture of the defects that were not mentioned in the item description. The seller has to pay both the shipments of receipt and return along with a penalty!
  • If the product is exactly in the condition mentioned, but the buyer does not like it after receiving, there is no return. However, you can resell the items through your profile on PD.
  • The buyer can make the payment through a bank transfer. For now, COD is available within Pakistan only.


General Guidelines–

  • If any of the community member is found to be deliberately misusing the platform and exploiting the users, PD reserves the right to blacklist the member and block them.
  • The PD community is strictly foul or abusive language intolerant! Any such incident or aggressive behavior will be immediately reported to the cyber-crime cell.


We painstaking put extra effort in detecting the quality, authenticity and condition of each item displayed on our portal, so that neither the seller nor the buyer has to go through a rough deal.

Happy shopping!

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